NSALE Shenanigans – Seriously


In truth, I wasn’t moved by the sale at first.  There were no impulse buys, no OMG I gotta have this, and this and oh this too…just thinking on what I needed, could use well, replace, etc.  But then I read some of the strategies [my own process wasn’t all that different but it was a little too focused on self in hindsight – I had a list of what I wanted if the price was right]…next year, I plan to stock up on some nice things that will be gifts too.  I think that will be the bigger part of it.  Live, learn, and keep a running list for my wishes and what I’d like to do for others!

However, the reviews for the Halogen Noble OTK Suede Boots were good…on the site and via bloggers.  The biggest thing being that they work for slimmer calves and are sturdier [= should stay up].

I am ALL about a classic boot…especially if the toe is to some degree pointy – they may be more almost but the definitely aren’t square or round.

One of my  best gals is always encouraging me NOT to pick black…well black is needed and less sensitive to rain and stains [she hasn’t won completely yet lol], but grey is a fave color of mine.  So I thought, why  not try them – a dark enough grey won’t show tons of stains and well I love grey!

With the sale opening up to the masses this Friday – I figured I’d do well to get both sizes I tend to wear and return the spares [if not all pairs as I am super serious about not keeping what I don’t love] after trying:

  • with thin socks
  • with thick socks
  • with boot socks
  • with jeggings
  • with leggings
  • with Sloan leggings
  • with classic Sunday dresses [in my closet this underutilized but still excessive category is rather serious business 🙂 ]
  • with casual dresses
  • with semi-mini skirts
  • with knee-length skirts
  • with midi skirt [only  have one as I don’t love this length at 5’2″]

Back to rain and stains…darker colors won’t be retired due to either – at least not quickly.  I also got the proper products also to care for some other shoes:

Cadillac Leather Shield Spray

Cadillac Boot & Shoe Care Leather Conditioner

So I feel better about getting decent amounts of wear out of them. Boots really are the outfit maker in cooler months.  Bad shoes tend to mean bad outfits in my experience.

I spent last year loving the Highland boot knowing I wouldn’t spend that much on a sometimes-wear boot…but, Lord willing they fit, I have two for less.  Not as luxurious – but good enough for what I’ll be doing!

Cost, general and per-wear, counted, and I am happy to have spent less.

Note to self -> count the cost much earlier!

28 “But don’t begin until you count the cost. For who would begin construction of a building without first calculating the cost to see if there is enough money to finish it? 29 Otherwise, you might complete only the foundation before running out of money, and then everyone would laugh at you.

Luke 14.28-29 NLT



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