My Boot Loves

In the cooler months when the discomfort from dropping temperatures tempts me to ignore polish for warmth, I’ve found that having the right boots makes the biggest difference in my outfit.  Boots and statement necklaces!  Scarves to a lesser degree – I have yet to not find them annoying or in the way…so I am less consistent – but proficiency is on my list of 200-in-2.

Know first who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.


I’m a Jesus loving [= obeying] sports mama that teleworks!  Got it.

And I want women to be modest in their appearance.[a] They should wear decent and appropriate clothing and not draw attention to themselves by the way they fix their hair or by wearing gold or pearls or expensive clothes.

10 For women who claim to be devoted to God should make themselves attractive by the good things they do.

1 Timothy 2.9-10 NLT

So, in Paul’s words:

  1. modest appearance
  2. decent & appropriate clothing
  3. with a motive that is NOT attention seeking

Well…IMO I hit these things.  I truly dress for my own liking.  I was also glad when Pastor said this wasn’t specifically a prohibition against adornments (I like those too but not as a man-trap lol)!  Only that we should attract others via Christ-like conduct.  Inner beauty and all that jazz!  Working on more of that…as my big sister says ‘spend time in the word…once that is in…the other stuff will leave…JUST GET IT IN THERE!’

To use my Bambina’s phrase, I like to think my boot-game is now decent.  I have what is needed for most events.  I’ve gotten rid of the non-functional stuff unless it is solely for Sunday AM Finery (won’t buy for this purpose but I will keep stuff that is already paid for!).

My clothes are generally super simple when it is cold…jeggings, some warm top, cute beanie or hat, and a nice coat…all that was lacking was the proper shoes.  Changing climates was tough…in my former home, we had what I’ve learned wasn’t really cold weather…in real cold weather, more is needed…boots, coats, hats, gloves, scarves.

I am petite, have thin ankles, narrow calves, and don’t do beauty-is-pain in footwear…so what did that mean?   Trial and error – loads of it.  During which I realized construction is the chief concern.  I googled, read blogs (Extra Petite is one of my faves…as well as Alterations Needed) and read even more comments where they were available.  With all that being said I have finally found my favorites…Rag and Bone booties and Frye boots.   They each provide comfort and value.  I expect they will have long lives too, meaning low costs per wear which in turn means VALUE.  Classic enough without being boring.  As for the Fryes…even with a scuff [yep, the first day ever that I wore them 😐 ], I still love them and it just seems to add a bit more rugged charm!


The Margot (double zip) and Harrow (no zip) booties are my faves!  I’ve recently added black Harrow booties (TY 2 Poshmark!)!
I love my Heath Harness boots – they almost look charcoal due to the calf shine (top left).  I love my Kelly OTK also – the heel is more comfortable than I would I have imagined (top right)!  I want the Heath in brown (bottom) – it is slated to be a reward for reading 75 books but we shall see…hard to wait!

I’m working to get past the ‘I want it now’ mindset and actually doing some study before buying.  I am SO over spending money on shoes that hurt or those with heels that I feel unsteady in.  I also like shoes that can be dressed up and down [even if to limited degrees]…I don’t need specialized items in my life – so why buy them [I have to preach to my eyes and heart because I fall in love with shoes!].  If a boot can only be worn out with the girls or only to church – there is a better option that can span both!  One thing that serves many purposes is a better use of resources.  It also makes dressing far simpler.  I reach for what I love.  My aim is to not buy anything short of absolute head over heels LOVE!

Note to self – you have enough boots…when these arrive 🙂


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