One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much. — Luke 16.10 ESV

I love a great bag.  Like head over boots love!

Those by Ralph Lauren are my faves…or simply to save characters, RL.  So far, I only love the handbags.  The clothes run small, I have NO need of accessories, and the shoes SUCK despite being so beautiful.  I have some brown pumps and oh my grief they are feet beaters 😐

RL is my handbag go-to because the have:

  • Great quality materials
  • Great construction
  • Sturdy
  • Feet on the bottom
  • Bold vivid colors
  • Classic shape
  • Timeless looking

Macy’s always has a deal.  The brilliant colors call to my soul!  The Newbury is my favorite but I like them all 🙂

Black, Wine, Raspberry, Orchid, Cobalt and Olive.  SWOON.

Though I don’t have Bourbon or White or several other colors, I am SO grateful for those I do have.  My logic lately is to stick with what I know.  So rather than do a ton of brand dabbling with marginal results, I’m going to be more circumspect.  I like Ralph Lauren [and Kate Spade lol] best.  So why deviate so regularly [quality is quality – and bags will continue to be evaluated on that]???


When I momentarily lose ALL sense in the presence of pretty bags at outrageously great prices.

Kinda feels like I have purse-greed.  I have the colors I need and many I like.  I may sell some on Poshmark.  I’m not proud of my excess.  I won’t shirk blame with excuses (as they are tools of incompetence that make monuments out of nothing and those that specialize in them seldom amount to anything…lol) either.

What does it come down to?  Faithfulness…in little and much…

What does that look like for me?

How do I arrive at a leaner closet if I give in to purse-madness because of a great sale or pretty color?

How much do I really need?

When is enough actually enough?

Introspection questions:

  • What does it match?
  • Does it go with much of what I have?
  • Is it heavy while empty?
  • Is it too big for my 5’2″?
  • Is it bad for my health due to the weight?
  • Do I have something similar?  [How many black bags does one need]
  • What will be the cost per wears?
  • Will I like it in a year?  A few years?
  • Do I have peace about this purchase?
  • What am I willing to give up to get it?
  • Am I coveting?

In the end, the goal is balance between the somewhat opposing mindsets of treating myself and financial wisdom.  I have enough purses, great purses at that.  NO MORE PURSE-GREED!

For anyone who isn’t on restriction 🙂 – these are lovely:



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