Colorful Squares — Pink-love; Teal-like; Blue-didn’t even like

Those who love pleasure become poor;
    those who love wine and luxury will never be rich.

Proverbs 21.17

Shopping is fun!

…but it necessitates wisdom.

Balance is needed.

I must balance pecuniary wisdom with wanting to have those items that make getting dressed quickly and in a way that flatters relatively easy.

I express my daily self in my outfit.

If I am tired it is relaxed and likely paired with a flat shoe/boot.

If I am feeling festive, there may be a louder item or higher heels.

It is very random in practice, but given how picky I am, my guess is that others could discern patterns.

On a whim, some years back, I decided to try Banana Republic…I liked what I got and wondered how I’d slept on them so long…and tried more.  Good prices and low logic yielded several purchases – some I loved more that I liked, and even a handful that I thought I liked.  There were also the good in theory ones.

Future focus will be on what I love and will highly use…but so far my thoughts are:

🙂 Love

  • Sloan Vented Pencil Skirt
  • Sloan 5 Pocket Leggings
  • Sloan Dash Print Slim Ankle Pants
  • Double Wrap Belt
  • Triple Wrap Belt
  • Plaid Vee Pullover
  • Military Zip Jacket
  • Shirred Faux-Wrap Dress
  • Necklaces
  • Shaker-Stitch Cropped Pullover
  • Knits [turtlenecks and vee sweaters]
  • Scarves

😐 Like

  • Pleated Lace-Trip Shorts – looked great in the fitting room which is odd as the lighting in them usually is very unkind…but meh when I actually wore them
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Linen Tees
  • Cocktail Ring
  • Obi Belt – stiff, will require a lot of breaking in
  • Ruffle Inset Top
  • Anika Italian Leather Flat [tassels] – not the best fit, my feet are narrow
  • Striped Dolman Shirttail Tee

😦 Didn’t like but also didn’t return

  • Chambray Belted Wide-Leg Pant [TOO long and ran SUPER big – going to attempt to shrink them or wear them at home as cute lounge wear – home doesn’t mean sloppy and ugly]
  • Knotted Leather Belt [think it will make delicate clothes pill = won’t be used as often as I planned]
  • Drapey Shirtdress [not for my figure – looked sloppy and dowdy – I don’t do frumpy!]
  • Crepe Cocoon Dress [also not for my figure and no amount of slimming, fake or weight loss, would make it work for my figure – I was glad it sold on Poshmark!]

Gleaned themes:

  • Great knits – warm, cozy and cute!
  • Cute accessories but carefully inspect the belts and shoes for fit/comfort!
  • Love the Sloan line – suits my lower shape – slim curvy!
  • Dresses that suit my shape – NO draping or undefined waist!

I think the best thing is to try things on and to be vary careful buying final sale items by (I don’t do full priced anywhere generally – I need so little):

  1. Online -> practicing the pause – don’t hurry to complete online purchases…if I miss there is always in person…
  2. In Person -> try everything on…in complete outfits if possible [take the shoes!]
  3. Evaluating based on my current shape – corpulence and all
  4. Don’t get excited about the price [this fuels spree-behavior] – what God has for me, even in clothes/etc., is for me

Purchasing ONLY those things I actually need and will use a lot (work horses, value, etc.),  and love is a better use of finite monetary resources.  It isn’t a deal if I don’t wear it…or don’t love wearing it.

To buy and not wear is to waste; this doesn’t honor God in the least.

Sure I can donate, but that doesn’t fix and/or prevent the error in thought that contributed to the erroneous purchase!


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