James 4:17 (NLT):

Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.

I feel God is calling me to be more prudent in my shopping – to not do so is sin on my part because I know better.  Shopping isn’t bad – but I need to reflect and be wiser about it.  In an effort to be wiser and smarter in my shopping, I am evaluating my ideas/beliefs about stores I frequent.  Express is likely the most frequent, so it is first!

🙂 For years Express has been a go-to for me…usually wins with little effort…and they still are for some things:

  • Jeans – they work for my shape
  • Button ups – fave are the Portifino
  • Camis – fave are the Barcelona
  • Tanks – great for layering
  • Statement Necklaces  – love them!

😐 Lately some things have become just MEH and are only considered if good enough for the price [not usually the best logic to start with and something I am working on not doing in future]:

  • Scarves – cute but quality is mediocre at times…or too trendy to spend a lot on
  • Skirts – can be too short or too trendy
  • Dresses – if they flatter, they don’t work in too many places of my life
  • Editor Slacks – where thighs rub, they pill

😦 Currently, I don’t prefer:

  • Tees – horrible quality of late…pilling on the first wear
  • Shoes – uncomfortable and not well-made
  • Big Earrings – heavy and not for me
  • Purses – not well-made
  • Flares – not for me, no matter how great they look on others
  • Jackets/coats/blazers – run very small through the shoulders and arms…not sure who is built like that!   I’m a six and can’t even manage a 12 in their toppers – UM NO!

I plan to truly count the cost of the things I buy:

  • Discern loves from likes.
  • Discern useful from the things that will linger with tags or be worn once.
  • Prevent carelessness because there were past successes.
  • What do cost per wears of items previously bought tell me?
  • Is the color going to fit with what I own?
  • Does it flatter my figure as it is on the day of purchase?

Truthfully, I’m less in love with jeans…they will do…which means the action item is to work with what I have and try on jeans in other stores when my body fat drops.  I’m watching the progress on The Omron Fat Loss Monitor HBF-306C.  The trainer said the key was to use the same device each time to see the gains and losses.  I wasn’t pleased on Friday…a good reason not to shop so much!


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