Faves – 7.7.2016


If I can be picky I will be.  If funds are low or other priorities prevail, I know how to be content.  Contentment with godliness is great gain – and I honestly have plenty of clothes that I am happy with and grateful to own.  Pinterest and Polyvore help with ideas too.

However, when I can procure what I want – I do.  Lately I’ve been noticing trends in my preferences and spending habits.  I have a mental hierarchy for what items come from which store…that has price min/max also.  It isn’t explicitly defined, but it is something I consistently do when I decide to buy or not to buy.  I need to define and improve it.

Currently I find reasonable success with:

But for very specific things.  There is no one stop shopping place that I have found yet.  For example, jeans tend to come from Express or GAP…not in love with the ones from Banana at present.  One word -> thighs…

In the event of a super great sale, I like Macy’s, Dillard’s, Marshall’s, Ross, TJ Maxx, Wet Seal [basic tees ONLY], Maurice’s, and Kohl’s [only certain brands].

Going forward, I want to streamline via logic and reason 🙂 – I am, in fact, a huge nerd at heart so I know this will work – it did for purses.  Even more than that, if I am to begin again [Joyce Meyer phrase!] with regards to sub-par shopping patterns, I should consider my ways FULLY – down to the details.  Minutiae!

New idea -> Discern the loves and buy only them.  Be intentional.  Dispense with like.

In the past, I’ve wasted, nay squandered, money on ‘likes’  and ‘close enough’ for some decent price at the expense of the thing I love and should have gotten in the first place – all in the name of saving money…the irony is not lost on me.  In the end, I get what I wanted = more $$$$, or never really feel sartorial satiety =  more $$$$.

Stop gap purchasing ends today.

Analysis of my frequent flyers shows me what I wear often is neutral classics that fit well and feel good.  There may be a pop/trend in there – but it is minor and usually an accessory.

Analysis of what I do not wear often if all, are things like the frequent use bright colors (i.e. don’t need three bright peplum tanks), frequent non-preferred patterns, flare jeans they look great on others but for me, they are only good at covering shoes for the Sports Mama events), don’t mix well with what I have (shorter shorts, bodycon – IDK if it is self-consciousness or modesty, fringe, kimonos, blouson, shapeless garments for alleged cute comfort, etc.).

Even basics need to be loved.  The item worn once is SO very expensive (reminder to self).  I find such failure embarrassing in the extreme in retrospect.  I’ll forget via getting lost in a good book 🙂

Another idea -> quit hoarding clothes until persisting in the same size for at least 18 months.

Clothes are so cheap with sales and I rationalize skillfully.  But, bodies change and then BAM, money wasted – Poshmark takes some of the sting – BUT, wasted money really bugs me.  NWT is a testament to failure in wisdom, moderation, and planning.

Perhaps having things I love that are durable will provide sufficient incentive to not:

  • Get rail thin (I am a stress don’t-eater)
  • Get fat (eating normally after being a stress don’t-eater…starvation mode is real and devastating!).


The best idea of all -> follow the wisdom of the Bible.  I can think of plenty of places I failed to heed/apply but the following is what is on my mind today…

“But don’t begin until you count the cost. For who would begin construction of a building without first calculating the cost to see if there is enough money to finish it?”

Luke 14.2

Count the cost by asking all the questions that will surely delay gratification…what do I like, how much do I like it, what level of quality is needed, is there something I like better but think is too expensive, what is the cost per wear, will the color(s) fade or get dingy…etc.  This means thinking and trying things on…and settling for nothing less than love.

No more YOLO [always thought it was a fools creed anyway but it is catchy].  No more ‘can’t take it with me’ mindset either, that too is foolishness. I can be a better steward of what the Lord has given me.

No love = no buy.  🙂


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