Une Affaire – Des Bottes, Deux


…like Bob Stone said in Central Intelligence 🙂

More than 50% off! [JULYSALE16 through the tenth]
Am I shopping less?

Hmm, doesn’t feel like it [lol]…but I really am…great deals on replacements, and must haves only…and I am strict about what fits in those categories.  I think certain months just allow me to better stock up than others.

I even went to the mall Sunday and didn’t buy a thing for myself!  I did Saturday but even that was very moderate…running shoes [easy justification] and Banana Republic [new knits, classy shorts, cotton tops]…

Fifty plus percent off of sale prices is a reason to honestly consider must-haves and what is a nice2have that can be added.

Is it a win that I close more tabs than I used to?

I think so…I wish I had arrived at this point sooner…get what I want and leave the rest alone.  But as I didn’t, Poshmark is a great way to get some kind of return…I’ve donated plenty and still do…but some things just beg to be sold.  🙂

I also have more days that I buy nothing than I used to…that’s better than a whack on the nose with a rusty poker!

Versatility is the real beauty of these beauties.

…hitting the ground, so to speak, they go with tons I already have…reasonable comfort given the heel height…and I know I will adjust.  They fill the gap between grey and a darker brown [granite and walnut, respectively, as per the labels].

Second is do-ability.

I really don’t want to lose my heel-ability simply because I don’t ‘need’ to wear them as a telecommuter.  But stilettos aren’t good for schools, tracks, malls, or any moderate walking IMO.

Though there is NO condemnation, I will add even more strictness to my decision to buy ideology :).  But at the end of the day, does not getting what you want [like really want] and won’t stop wanting when it is cheap only to buy it later ever work out well for the pocket?  No, a huge deafening and resounding no.

Outfit ideas:

  • Jeans and any top [more often than not, this is my OOTD]
  • ON jumpsuit [lighter chambray]
  • Sunflower Sabrina Dress
  • Ivory JC skirt and most any top
  • Cobalt EXP dress with applicable topper

Solace -> picked something that already fits into the existing wardrobe 🙂


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