Faith & Fitness


I am mighty pleased about my P R…5 sets of 5 dumbbell chest presses [two 40 lbs]!  I knew I could do five…but five sets of five…Go Red!  🙂  If you don’t cheer for yourself, who will?  🙂

I know my strength in all senses is from the Lord, and I’m grateful He allows and helps me lift without injury [so far].  He has truly been Jehovah Jireh in my pursuit of fitness.  So far the big things I’ve noticed are:

  1. Surrounds me with positive but honest counsel/direction from educated and skillful people…people who love to share/teach without demanding a fee.
  2. Provides encouragement via others when it is direly needed.
  3. Provides correction via others when it is needed…and from people I respect enough to listen to [lol].
  4. Provides accountability via others which is always direly needed.
  5. Ability – I’m astounded by how far I’ve come…and I know without Him enabling me I wouldn’t be able to push the weights.  It allows me to see just how fearfully and wonderfully I am made – and even more, how uniquely so.  A short girl who spent many years being too thin [genetics not starvation for the most part…I really don’t eat when I’m stressed so there was one stint looking like a half starved chicken 😀 but the weight gain when I resumed eating…SIGH 😕 ]
  6. Great workout buddies and classes.

One thing would be amazing, but all those things?!  I feel hugely blessed anyway but specifically that blows my mind.

I set goals for myself so I have a mark to push towards…it helps me stay on target.  What I weigh and what size I wear are lesser concerns when I am pushing for performance, PRs, and ability.  SO, though my thighs still touch at the top [vexing and so very dreadful when running up stairs or wearing stockings – SO LOUD!!!!]…I am excited about my new [to me as prior to now I never demonstrated the least bit of athletic prowess] power and ability!

Praise the Lord!  Even in a trial season of life He sends something to be joyful about…a reminder of His constant care…a reason to give thanks…a reminder that He is trustworthy with the small to the great concerns of life.


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