OOTD – 7.5.16


God is our refuge and strength,

always ready to help in times of trouble.

Psalm 46.1 NLT

As I plan to dress for the day I remember to put on faith, without which I cannot please God…so…rather than ruminate on the issue, I’ll focus on the Lord:

  1. God is trustworthy – even for the antagonist that is the present source of a GREAT LOT of bother.
  2. He can do beyond what I ask.
  3. His ways are beyond/above/etc. mine – I would do well to remember that when tempted to complain…after all, I was NOT present when he made the foundations of the earth 🙂 – so at best my understanding is severely limited. [See Job]
  4. He is Sovereign.
  5. Romans 8.28-29
  6. This present thing was ordained for some reason that can be summed up – for His glory and my good…what that means specifically will be made known later…how much later does not matter…trusting in/with obedience is all I am required to do.

And the final thing is not to let myself be swept up or affected by the emos of others…some folk love drama and ruminating on drama…good grief 🙂  I’ve never wanted either for my life.


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