Tan Perforated Margot Booties

I am over the moon about these…and so far I notice:

  • More dainty/narrow than my Granite/Grey ones (though they aren’t very bulky either) – which I really like
  • Feel lighter than the Granite/Grey also – I like this too
  • I can feel the perforation and that will take some getting used to and may change as they are broken in
  • I am much paler than I thought ūüôā
  • Tan is such a great neutral – goes well with other neutrals as well as many colors
  • The toe isn’t too rounded or too pointy (hate round but love pointy – ¬†just not for everything as my foot isn’t short)

My goal is to ensure dressing well is easy. I won’t sacrifice cute for comfort, comfort for cute, or long laborious processes to get ready – I’m not about that life!¬† Life is short and I want cute, comfortable ease where possible. ¬†May cost a tad more at the outset, but in the long run it is better on the wallet and health. ¬†In short:

  1. Money saved
  2. Time saved
  3. Health preserved

I’ve been reading about adopting a uniform…and for week days that is possible…at first glance and in my current state of life (=casual telecommuting), mine would be great basics with a variety of accessories:

  • Jeggings
    • Occasionally I will wear a skirt, dress, or shorts
    • Even more rarely, slacks
  • Cute shirt
  • Statement accessory with coordinating accessories:
    • Earrings
    • Necklace or Scarf
    • Belt
    • Optional: Watch/Bracelet
  • Nice handbag
  • Great shoes
    • Attractive
    • Well-made
    • Comfortable (reasonable break-in periods are allowed too)
  • Cooler months -> cute topper that is seasonally appropriate
  • Pinterest is ripe with ideas!

This also leaves¬†me just enough customization to not feel bored¬†without having too many moving parts. ¬†I tend toward minimalist style anyway (vice minimalism though less clothing clutter would be nice at some point -> and I am moving in that direction…but 33 items?! ¬†Not this girl.) so shoes that fit into that¬†are a major plus.

I prefer ease but I won’t¬†passively allow myself to resemble¬†a soup sandwich (picture that) for the sake of ease. ¬†So I plan. ¬†It is an ‘ounce of prevention’ or ‘stitch in time’ kind of thing¬†as well as a ‘know who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly’ mindset. ¬†I’m a person who fares best¬†when my outfit is taken care of…and even more so when I am not uncomfortable. ¬†If style is how we say who we are – why be careless¬†with it?


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