Une Affaire – Des Bottes

From $495 to $175 — What, What!

Une affaire is french for bargain.  I am beyond pleased <swoon> AND I hope no one else is [result would be yet another cancelled order]!

At this age, I want great basics that mix and match well with each other.  I want to be able to dress well quickly.  People feign ‘no effort’ but I truly want to be no to low effort because I have planned well.  However, I see pretty things and fall in love easily :o)  To combat frequent swooning, I remind myself of certain things/goals that can be summed up as going forward both thoughtfully and wisely:

Buy what I want the first time

Stop gap shopping just means more shopping – with out satisfaction the pursuit continues…more cheap and meaningless things to be donated after minimal wear…why continue in this?!

Less clothes until I am the same size for several years – only those that truly flatter

My body changes consistently with the fitness regimen I have…for a few years I kept thinking I was at ‘the size’ – but no…big 8 to small 8 to big 6 to small 6 at present…and my guess is that learning to sub clean treats for junk will bring further body changes.  Even more than that, flimsy fast fashion may be fun – but it is vexing to have to part with things on a regular basis!

As for flattering – who will wear consistently what they know looks mediocre at best of horrible at worst?  Not me.  In truth, one feels better and acts better when they look their best.  Not to mention it is polite to fix up as much as possible (as is appropriate).  All the old mantras come to mind.

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.

Know first who you are, then adorn yourself accordingly.

Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.

Dress for the body you have, not the one you want.

To thine own self be true.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

Why present a sham to the world when it is very possible to prevent in most cases?  Body con is immodest on my shape in most cases and shoulder ruffles don’t flatter broad shoulders…trends = yes, for me = no.  Honestly assessing these things prevents SO many purchases…most models look they way they do in things because they aren’t hourglass…they likely don’t have as much body fat either!  Shapewear can only do so much.

Versatile bags & shoes of good quality in classic shapes with longevity

Pursuing only quality materials/construction and good colors [I love, Love, LOVE neutrals] that can go with much of what I own and can still fit.  The clothes will change but the shoes will still work.  To ensure they work – quality construction and comfort are paramount — well equal with pretty :o)  My narrow/slim feet and calves limit quite a lot so it is hard to be excessive.

Fun statement accessories bought ON SALE

Nothing jazzes up classic [some may say plain] clothes more than fun accessories…be it a statement necklace [huge fan of these] or a bold scarf…I don’t love prints or garish clothes and tend to opt for classic shapes in single colors…with the occasional classic print (leopard, stripes, polka dots…)…and these look better with accessories.  Accessories are a smaller commitment also…my trends tend to chiefly be in this department.

New items must work in 3-5 distinct outfits using pieces I already own

I like to look good but I don’t want it to be a major production every day to find outfits.

I think these beauties will go well with:

  • Colors: warm and neutral
    • Reds and Pinks
    • Blues and Warm Greens
    • Sunflower/goldenrod
    • Neutrals like Black, Ivory, Brown
    • Denim on Denim
  • Jeans with
    • [cuffed] half tucked Portfinos
    • [cuffed] sweaters
    • half tucked tees
  • Dresses
    • Portifino dresses
    • BR Teal or Brick ruched dress
    • NYCO Sabrina dresses
  • Skirts
    • black mini
    • navy banded dress
  •  Shorts
    • denim editor
    • coral shorts
    • blue shorts
    • ON denim jumpsuits [hate the word romper – blah]

It is my aim to shop less [and I have been…somewhat]…focusing on my rules and goals helps.  As well as many redirects back to the goals in the face of sales/temptations!  Put off and put on is what the Bible instructs…put off bad shopping in favor of putting on reflection, value based decisions, honest assessment, and more frequent self-denial.  To buy or not to buy depends on context!


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