Binge and Purge.

1 John 3:17 (NLT)

17 If someone has enough money to live well and sees a brother or sister[a] in need but shows no compassion—how can God’s love be in that person?

Lately, I have been shopping much too much – the pattern being:

I see -> I want -> I get 

Binge after binge [great deals are NO excuse]…followed by donations and being too thin for things I bought last summer.  Items new with tags that are utterly useless as I don’t prefer ill-fitting clothes.

And it is ungodly.  I could see if the following was the pattern:

I need -> I see -> I get

I don’t just shop for myself, but none in my household have a need equal to the shopping. Aaaannnndddd while I am not delving in a pity party [NOT my style] or self condemnation [there is none since I am in Christ Jesus], I am aware that some things need to change…or as my Big Sis says, I have ‘got to admit some things.’

I have a friend who has far less than I do and is roughly close in size to some of my dresses and coats…close enough to look stunning in the garments [well if I am right :o) ].  I don’t have excessive income to give [my goals aren’t selfish – they’re in the realm of stability and wisdom].  My Daddy has always said not to compromise your reserves bailing out others as you have to be prepared to take care of you/yours in emergencies and Wonderful said don’t loan if you  need it back…but I can give of my possessions.  I love sharing with my friends…so this is easy.

Let’s Purge [sing-song singing like Let’s Dance]

My closet is full to bursting where everything is wrinkled…my drawers are packed…as are my rolling rack and carts.  So today, I am going to brainstorm criteria for more purging:

  • Ill-fitting where cost of alterations is more than the item is worth [i.e. I wouldn’t wear it a lot]
  • Uncomfortable
    • I seldom reach for Feet-Beaters or any sky-high heel.  It just doesn’t suit the casual lifestyle that I have.
    • Super long jeans that require super high heels.
    • Dresses that fit but are unforgiving [show the lovely, dripping with sarcasm,  ‘lady lumps’ LOL]
  • Extra scrutiny for dresses
    • 4-5 Sundays per month – 2 of which require a semi-uniform [up side, I can validate and/or justify black with gusto!]
    • Casual lifestyle that means I favor some more than others Monday through Saturday
  • Moderate scrutiny for shoes
  • Duplicates such that letting 1+ go won’t be missed

Practicing the pause is my new cause.

Pause and really think on the usefulness of items…especially if the item or total purchase is going to be expensive.  Some procurement criteria I will practice:

  • VERSATILITY — Does it make 3-5 unique outfits?
  • VALUE — How long will it last?  Price vs. Longevity.
    • If it is inexpensive – will cost per wears be low?
    • If it is expensive – will the style be suitable for the unforeseeable future?  Is it a classic that will stand the test of time?  Is the color one that will go with many things both now and later? [i.e. – I might like cobalt now – but will I like it later]
    • If I could have only this, would I still choose it?
  • QUALITY — Is it well made?
  • FAB — Does it flatter me?  Is it suitable for my shape/figure?  Does it make my body sing?  Do I feel fab in it?  Do I look amazeballs in it?

I plan to make use of Poshmark, BUT, some things can just be given away as they are SO suitable to someone I know.


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