I’m Harrowing!

I met my 2016 Reading Goal so I get my Harrow boots!  Though I plan to see if the price drops 7.14 at the Nordstrom same, they are soon to be mine. I’m in love and it’s no turning back!😍

I feel good about this approaching  purchase…the cost per wear will be low…AND the bloggers have given rave reviews.  I love my Margots by the same maker. And lately I feel quite the thing with buckles, studs and harnesses on my footwear.  Girly clothes with rugged looking shoes – what’s not to love.?!

It’s hard waiting. So stinking hard!

I’m proud of meeting this book goal – my new goal is 75 by year end. That is 23 more…I mix is all sorts of various lengths so I think I can make it.  I also enjoy reading…fiction and nonfiction.

I’ll have to think of a reward for hitting 75 books by 31DEC16. 🤑. Perhaps some Frye boots – the Heath Harness from Amazon.   Or some Old Gringo boots!  After all, boots keep fitting despite a shrinking figure. 😊

If there ever was a case for minimalism it was for gym princesses!  I want a closet rich in items I love and that I keep reaching for!


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