The new classics.

My ultimate daily aims, in regard to dressing myself, are:

  1. Dressing well quickly.
  2. Quality items with longevity.
  3. Reasonable comfort.
  4. Items that mix and match well.
  5. Style with godliness.

I have loads of shoes but see myself reaching for these most.  So far, the chucks, followed by the nude wedges, have gotten the most wear.  Outside an easy day or necessitating outfit, my heels get far less play.   I like them for Sundays, but not on the normal rip-and-run days.

Variety is lifeblood but old faithful pairs of shoes that always work when I’m tired are ideal.  This is especially true for days when I’d reach for flip flops (it’s summer and HOT).

Another thing, I have skinny ankles (See Olive Oy).  Many shoes don’t work.  So when I find styles that work, I invest.

I. Love. Shoes.  Always have and always will.  😍

So much in fact, that despite my casual lifestyle I still reach habitually but heels (if I’m not walking a bunch 😁)…I always prowl for deals on new kicks for the gym…I’m really working on shopping less!

I feel successful with the five classics because they work with SO many things – dresses, jeggings, shorts, and skirts.  The good thing about shoes such as these (classic, minimal, simplistic and basic) is that they go with both loud and simple items.

At this age, and level of busyness, I need to be able to get dressed quickly most days.  Shoes are key. A great outfit means nothing if my foot wear isn’t on par.

Now it is 😁 and these days I purchase for keeps.  Trendy is fine at low price points but I’d rather a great shoe I can keep. Saves money in the end. 😇

Lesson learned: consider what I really want and get that first lest the stop-gap shopping happen.

Another Lesson learned: great looking shoes that are comfortable are worth the expense. Cost per wear is very low.

(I want the Harrow, in black, STILL…but I’ve wanted them since 2013 – time to get them once I’ve read past my yearly book goal!  Rewards are appropriate when shopping isn’t. 😇🤑)


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