Sales & Sale Items I Don’t Miss. 

I don’t buy things because they are cheap. I buy value. Value such as:

  • Great baubles
  • Great garments
  • Great bags
  • Great shoes
  • Great scarves

Really great things that are something I’ve been wanting, or that fills a closet hole.

Longstanding faves:

  1. Express modern classics and baubles
  2. Macy’s baubles, shoes, and bags
  3. Dillard’s baubles, shoes, and bags…rarely clothes
  4. Old Navy fit gear
  5. VS Semi Annual – fit gear and under-pinnings
  6. Kohl’s for some fit gear and minor clothes (price and quality limit here)

Newer faves:

  • Banana Republic
  • Club Monaco
  • Kate Spade (accessories)
  • Amazon for Frye boots…any boots…and brands known to fit well
  • J. Crew and J. Crew Factory
  • GAP
  • Nordstrom

No longer the faves:

  • NYCO baubles – quality declined
  • Maurices – weird fit more than seventy percent of the time
  • Old Navy – clothes – for the most part – not cut for my body. At all.
  • Target – poor fit
  • Kohl’s baubles – quality  can be an issue and without a 30% coupon I tend to purchase very little

Motto or mantra or whatever – get what I want the first time and I’ll spend less in the long run. So, armed with the above, I go where my value requirements are served!


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