More Baubles. 

I’m all about the baubles. Express has GREAT sales ($7 each) on the most LOVELY baubles. I like the word baubles. 😁  I’ve always been pleased with my Express accessories for the most part…well not the purses or the socks.

I see these going with:

  1. Portifino tops
  2. Sabrina dresses
  3. Gingham button ups
  4. Plaid button ups
  5. RL jumpsuit paired with a cardi
  6. Barcelona camis and flowy cardis
  7. Plaid trapeze dress belted with a cardi
  8. Sleeveless blouses untucked with BR Sloan skirt/pants
  9. Fitted tee, jeggings, and cardi or blazer ❓❓❓
  10. VC Shift
  11. Lapis CK Dress
  12. Red NYCO Sheath with front ‘vent’
  13. Portifino dresses
  14. NK black high low dress
  15. NYCO flowy dolman top with the cinched (low) waist and any bottom
  16. Mark blue asymmetrical hem dress
  17. Express bodycon dresses
  18. Express mini, tee and ‘some topper’
  19. Maggie London black fit and flare dress
  20. BR teal/brick ruched dresses
  21. Express l/s fit and flare dresses
  22. Express s/l fit and flare dresses
  23. Cream Jessica Simpson dress
  24. JCF Infinity button up belted with fitted bottom
  25. BR floral print jumpsuit
  26. Old Navy chambray play suits
  27. Shorts and NYCO racer tanks (cardi optional)

No totally exhaustive but a good show for how these fit into the grand scheme of my closet 😊

Bonus: one doesn’t get too fat for accessories!  Or too thin!

Lessons applied: buy less clothes when trying to lean out.  Rely on accessories and clothes that work, within a size or two (cue belts and blazers), until well into the maintenance phase. Constant reminders are helpful in this 🤓

Mostly not shopping 💸😕


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