All buttoned up. 

Black…black with jewels on the collar…ivory…leo…peach…white with navy anchors…coral…and also collarless in red, black, ivory, and ivory with black plaid…most snatched up for a song. I like them alone, belted, under blazers, under cardis, under sweaters…etc.

I don’t need another – but for the right deal I’ll always add classic colors. 🤑

But because they require ironing (overstuffed drawers and closet)…

I could stand to reach for them more…ideas to reach for them more and make life a bit easier could include:

  • JC ivory skirt – tucked
  • Jeans/Jeggings – half tucked
  • BR Sloan skirt – tucked
  • BR Sloan pants – tucked/half
  • Editor trousers
  • Editor shorts
  • SZ4 Skirt
  • Navy banded skirt
  • Sequin skirts
  • Under sheath (don’t own lol but a needed staple)
  • Untucked and belted with more slim fitting bottoms
  • Lazy day – belted over leggings paired with knee or OTK boots
  • EXP mini with inverted v-hem – half tucked

Fun belts and statement necklaces/accessories too!


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