Sports mom was a new addition in the middle of many other transitions so it has been a lot of trial and error.  But for my girl, I’ll always adapt to support her best life 😍.

SO from soccer to cross country to rainy track meets…I trudge a lot. In grass and weeds and mud…or through slick bleachers…😐.

Regardless, looking ugly and being uncomfortable isn’t an option.

I tried some loud pink (fun right?!) Sorel duck looking boots.  They ran big (no half sizes) and were such a deal I didn’t bother getting rid of them. Awkward trudging in clown looking shoes.  #bozo

I tried Ralph Lauren Polo boots – a friend of mine fished in them so that makes them suitable for trudging…right?  Um no.  Cute enough to keep but not to trudge.

I tried the traditional pull-on boots – cute but they gave me an odd gait (I’m serious about not having a weird walk – not cute), were hard to get off (side cramp with all the pulling and I have NARROW feet), and oddly hot.  I also have thin legs so all the flapping about wasn’t ideal either. No trudging and flapping for me.

I wanted – and purchased at about 75% off via Dillard’s sale(!) -Hunter boots – great brand, great reviews on blogs, more like combat boots, and iconic.  I also liked that these are classic colors and lace up – no more side cramps!   I can trudge!  😍

Outfit planning:

  • Jeggings, cute socks, tucked/half button up
  • Jeggings, cute socks, vneck sweater
  • Flares, button up
  • Flares, sweater (vneck or dolman/half-tucked)
  • Fit leggings, belted tunic, cute socks
  • Grey Chaps jeans, cute tucked top (____________?)

Another thing off my list!  Lessons learned – be smart, plan, think long term, and you get what you pay for. And most importantly, get what you really want and you spend less overall. 😐


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