25 May 16


Le Sigh,

I was all set to go hard and NOT shop – hence the blog name I chose.  Famous last words:

“I’ve got great things, I can mix and match, mind over matter, etc.”

About that…turns out, prohibitions don’t work well for me…not for food, not for fitness and definitely not for limiting shopping.  I need to focus on what I should be doing.  Completely mental.  Perhaps a better name is “stopped excessively shopping” or “shopped smarter” :o)

SO abandoning what clearly will never, like ever, work comes the new idea – and this will be my personal outlet for future review and analysis – is to shop LESS and be intentional on popping tags and being creative shopping my own closet…which is more than sufficient for most things.

However, despite good intentions, I’m always finding one of the following to be true:

  • Holes
  • Great deals on wonderful things on ‘My List’
  • New things I wasn’t even aware of wanting but go with all my current items, help out with one of my life roles [i.e. Non-Frumpy Sports Mom gear – big learning curve initially for several different sports –  I was never athletic myself]
  • Fitness pursuits make my clothes not fit :-\ talk about bitter sweet!

I played with the idea of minimalism but I like variety and am quite attracted to pretty things.  I also know how to scout a deal on those pretty things.  So that’s out.

Ultimately, I want to be a good steward of what the Lord gives me – and that is NOT lived out by:

  • Excessive shopping from boredom where there is no legitimate need.
  • Giving away tons of unworn and barely worn items as I slim down.
  • Buying things that don’t serve what I do the majority of the time (i.e. dressy items and my life is very casual currently – ONE pair of slacks will do!).

As I see it, I can do that practically by:

  1. Being strict about:
    • Fit – as near perfection as possible.  Return anything short of love!
    • Procuring true work horse items much of the time.  These!
    • Ensuring I can place the item in 5 unique outfits that fit my life which is currently very casual.
    • Estimating cost per wear for each item. [Action Item -> what is acceptable lol]
  2. Focusing on great accessories…well-made, long living [low cost per wear], versatile and as classically stylish as possible.

Here goes nothing…



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