Summer Trials…& Errors


A plethora of issues…fit…quality…or just more mediocrity.

Lessons Learned:

  • BlankNYC is good for just jackets…at least on my body/composition.
  • Express is not a Go To for me…they hit on a very rare spare.
  • Old Navy seems to have resolved some of their sizing issues. Or I shrank…
  • I can’t do cheap bags…even for concealment.
  • I prefer solids…prints are fine…if they are leopard, stripes or plaid…
  • Rag and Bone denim isn’t ‘it’ for me either.


Tan for Infant and Kelly for Me…

Reflecting on 40:

I am SO over sartorial striving…I want to be at a point of adding/replacing fewer things – and I feel so close…I have too many things I liked in theory but hated in practice…this doesn’t look like wisdom. 😐

I also want precision as indicated by fewer returns…I’m just over the hassle of having to bother with taking things back. There is more to life.

I am happy that I find myself wanting less of the trending things…save for statement earrings of course. But the it shirts, jeans, etc. I just want great basics that feel good and make dressing quick, easy, and painless.

I walked through the mall and wasn’t moved by anything…ANYTHING. This is growth! Thank the Lord!

Lol, I still struggle with resisting being excessive with my fit gear however! 😀 Senita Athletics is BOMB! And affordable.


1 & Done

Not sure why I am still a sucker for Express sales 😐 I typically return much more than I keep…the tan sandals however are for Infant…similar to some I have but less expensive given how trendy she is…despite frequent claims that she isn’t -but what teen isn’t at least a tad trendy – maybe in younger gals trendy is a way to figure out style and what works???

{However, in adults ‘on trend‘ is an annoying and relentless version of playing follow the leader or just being too insecure to stick with what works because you like it…but I digress…if you love it, wear it…who cares who is still wearing it?!}

At any rate…shopping ideology this time:

  • 1 & Done: Having an assortment of dresses makes Sunday dressing easier. And needing black two Sundays a month…it gets pretty boring sticking with the same dresses…it’s been some years since I bought Uniform Sunday Dresses…it was time…hope they fit. Jumpsuits are one and done too…just tricky [expected return].
  • Athleisure: cozy things for winter and two of my BEST items purchased in 2018 were the hoodies from Express…cozy and perfect [save for pilling on the cuffs]. Warm and just SO comfortable…
  • Bag: hard to conceal everything about one’s person in ladies clothing…sign.
  • Toppers: never enough…they complete outfits and promote warmth!
  • Skirt: why not try it…for the other Sundays…
  • Cute Flats: the shoes make the outfit.

—–Can’t wait to see what I return!—–

Outfit Idea

As per M I tried color and prints…they’re fine…on a spare…a very rare spare…but I’d rather my beloved neutrals…

First, know yourself, then adorn yourself accordingly…and I know I prefer and default to neutrals…excessive colors and prints waste both time and space.

However, color is more easily tolerated in:

  • nails
  • minimal sandals
  • the occasional pump
  • the occasional tee
  • an occasional belt
  • baubles

Always in the small things…not the clothes which need a certain repeat-ability…

I really need to be faithful to this idea/revelation because despite not wanting lots of color or prints on my person, they are attractive to the eye!

Nope: Sandal Edition

Cute but some colors don’t look right on my feet…or with my coloring in general. Black is okay…but that peach color made my feet have a dirty tinge…

Reflecting on 40: Cognac/Saddle/WHATEVER may be my go to as far as a neutral sandal goes…especially if slimmer straps are involved.

I’ve blush flats and other slides…IDK…but no shoe is worth looking down and feeling anywhere from disgust to hatred…I’m that meticulous about how things look…for ME…vice others…don’t give a twirly fart what others thing…very thankful for that.

AF – Meh.

I like much of what is available in Abercrombie…but it’s still hit or miss for me…recent fails:

Not terrible but not keepers. Honestly, I need no new tees and to be worn at the gym, the items need to be performance grade…these weren’t…

  • cute tees but boxy and a bit yucky
  • knits – soft but have the look of pre-pilling

Reflecting on 40: if it isn’t love, let it go quickly. But more than that, I want to improve the precision of buying the right thing the first time and resisting the wrong/mediocre things as well.


  • some things flatter universally, but not all – or even most. Food for thought when blog browsing! 😀
  • you tend to get what you pay for

Mood: over shopping and looking like everyone else

Wishing For: LV Speedy Bandouliere 30…going to make a plan!

Sales…JCrew and Pandora

I’m not one to buy stuff because it’s cheap…but if something I’ve been wanting is marked down…color me SOLD!

In order from left to right:

  • fun for plain outfits
  • ditto
  • golden disco balls…what?!
  • possibly for Miss Fashionetta – now a dress…not that I don’t have other baubles that will be contestants for that day!
  • black rain boots are a must…grey, which I have, is great but doesn’t always work
  • leo rain boots amuse me…part of dealing with dreary weather is having gear to combat the elements AND be excited about…
  • mad for plaid…this will be attached to many matching bags
  • OMG…extra mad for this plaid…finally a price I can live with
  • soooo, I needed this to go with my $8 sorority charm…lol Pandora had a decent sale…but how about there are TONS of charms on
  • gotta have charms to flank the aforementioned sorority charm!
  • cute summer plaid
  • ponytail loving ladies like myself benefit from having ROBUST earring collections…it’s a fact 😀
  • velvet and plaid…planning on pairing it with denim…maybe in late fall…
  • I absolutely LOVED my Nordic Wedge boots…so how can these be a miss…warm feet = warm body = warm goodness in my attitude…{slightly chilly or any other kind of uncomfortable and a more surly attitude :D}

Returns may happen, but on all these things…I sure hope they work!

Reflecting on 40:

The right things for the right reasons…it’s easy to follow trends which are essentially the whims of another…aka being bossed by the masses…that’s not going to be my 40. I love plaid…so I plan to wear it more than just in the winter season…definitely in the fall…not super sure about summer…I lean a bit toward traditional…

Accessories are where I have the most fun…specific garments aren’t my fave…I hate wasting money and being redundant in loud or obvious clothes doesn’t make me happy. And save for huge boots and their requisite boxes, they take up much less space. If only I could easily part with some of my closet…

Fact for Forty -> I am a moody dresser. And that is okay. I dress for me…always have but near 40 I don’t feel bad about it in the slightest 🙂