Just Jeans

Again I say –> why do I bother with Express Jeans?! Mediocre on the best of days and they take ages to break in fully…I know better, why am I not doing better?!

  • CONs
    • they hold up well for Infant but not with my particular build
    • they aren’t very color fast…at all
    • if you’re between sizes it sucks until they mold to your body
    • even with stretch, they don’t flatter bodies with more body fat…something about the density/thickness of the denim so they look cheap if you have lumps…I HAVE LUMPS!
  • PROs
    • they fit snugly all the way to the ankle – I taper way down
    • usually come in varied lengths – even petites
    • color and trend variety

I bought my last pair unless I try them on in person and they are as great as DL1969 and Joe’s Jeans…THE END…and I have a pair that are great…the rest are the best of the mediocre…#consigning them soon.

Macy’s VIP sale…160ish for both though I bought the black in two sizes to test. I’ve enough Joe’s to know the 28s aren’t the fit I prefer [painted on]…with good stretch from better denim I can get closer to a proper fit in the waist 🙂

To take my new prohibition further, I think I may unsubscribe from emails! Insert hands on the cheeks screaming emoji…it’s time. Beyond time.

Less of better is the goal…scores of jeans and I really only wear 4 pairs…time to consider and consign!

New decade = new jeans.

What else will I dispense with this new decade…not for the sake of age, but for the sake of improvement and streamlining.???? Excessive items is likely the first…if you have the right items, you’re less likely to keep shopping for the right items accumulating vast sums of shoes and clothes and baubles…in my experience at least…and this is also the decade of being even more real with myself about habits and attitudes!


  • I feel more at peace when my outfit is polished and complete.
  • I do not feel peace with flesh peddling and figure baring.
  • I’m happier and healthier when I work out.
  • I have better energy when I eat more nutritious foods.
  • I’m planning for life after child-rearing.
  • I’ve a zero tolerance policy with drama.


  • Not so good…
    • bit messy
      • GOAL – decrease clutter
      • GOAL – tidy daily…Konmari doesn’t work for me…I need stuff…sparse isn’t what I’d choose…
    • delay when I don’t have to
      • GOAL – if it takes 5 minutes or less, don’t delay
    • chaotic
      • GOAL – daily time to plan ahead for the next day to reduce the chaos…impossible to get it all
    • a bit too relaxed
      • Ehhhh…relaxed can -= peace
  • Kinda proud of these…
    • disciplined in many things
      • IMPROVE – food discipline and shopping discipline
    • ability to structure my life and information
    • logic is applied before emotions
      • IMPROVE – take more errant thoughts captive

Event: Final Answer

Close on the earring…mine have the fish hook looking post as well as a middle pink ‘ball’…enough without being more boring or formal than I’m in the mood for…I’m in the mood for fun…more than stuffy formal…or even pristine formal…

I’m both excited and over it… 🙂 Stressing over the girth of my shoulders has been the worst…after…I can get seriously into getting fitter for forty.

Semi-Formal Hmmm

Almost time…plan – Lord please bless it! I’m trying to be a better steward of both resources and ability to do things myself sometimes…plus, college approaches…

THE Plan

  • Attire / One of the dresses above
    • Antique Silver [looks like a champagne to me but anyway
      • Black tights
      • Black heels – BCBGs
      • Black topper – but which…moto would be so fun…but…a bit much for the event…
      • What if I layered it over a sheer/lace long sleeved tee…
    • Navy
      • Hmmmmm…
      • Warm – nude Sam Edelman sandal
      • Cold – ?????? as my nude pumps are THE ABSOLUTE WORST EVER…pretty and perfect in complexion horridly painful…
      • SIGH
    • Black
      • Black Vince Camuto Platform Sandal
      • Red Lips…seriously sparkly eye…
      • The rub – new muscle makes it feel like a straight jacket…
  • Hair / Perm Rods…LORD please bless!

This week is the week of test runs I suppose…

A look at things I have that could be applicable…

Obviously there is more in the stash than this…but…it was a fun review and reminder NOT to purchase another thing…gonna have to hit my girl M up with pix LOL

Jeans & Squats

It has been said, you can lift or have skinny jeans…’tis not the least bit true…I’d amend to say, you can lift or have cheap jeans…buying higher quality denim with better stretch has been a HUGE [like elephant huge] blessing for me to find…because not only do I have legs that look like I squat, but they taper WAY down to tiny ankles…

I need to stop…just bought some black jeans from Express and while they fit…the material is THE WORST…thin and shows more than my ‘better’ jeans do…and nowhere near as comfortable…I’m debating if I’ll keep them for ‘when I lean down’ – if that ever happens…or return them…ugh.

In my defense, I needed to return and the system was down…insert EYE ROLL. Who can go wrong with black jeans…uh me…

The same is true of Banana…except the Girlfriend Jeans from last summer which were bomb.

I’m really praying over my ‘more is more‘ attitude about clothes…I have favorite jeans and wear them most…and that is a blessing in a world full of too many sub par options…I need to consign AND highly use what I keep.

I feel like every year I get to this point after some excess…but the cycle seems to be getting shorter!

BUT – brands I like, but still need to research as far as the best size are:

  • DL1969
  • Joe’s Jeans

I’ve a pair by FRAME and they are okay…it’s a waist issue with them…10″ difference isn’t what they design for…I’ll try them on and decide to keep or consign!

Natural Hair Thoughts

Testing these…

It’s so much work…I thank God detangling isn’t as bad as I thought…but still…finding the right products has been a challenge.


  • Mielle Deep Conditioner
  • Agadir Oil
  • Murray’s Edge Wax


  • Mane Choice Halo Oil – not for the scalp = itchy
  • CD Hair Milk Spray
  • It’s a 10 Keratin…not sure my hair needs this now that it isn’t relaxed
  • CD Coco Creme Shampoo, Conditioner, and Butter
  • Oils from Marshall’s
  • Keracare Oil


  • CD Hair Milk Butter – extra greasy, yuck
  • Shea Moisture Hibiscus

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Express may be somewhere I keep trying despite failure…after failure…after failure…

The reward system is good…and the basics/staples are usually good and affordable…and if I get rewards shopping for Infant…they are my prize for a Mama Job well done!

I’m not huge on bodycon…sheaths are even a stretch these days…so I’ll likely pair this with all the chunky cardis for coverage!

IDK…it just feels wrong to put that much on display.


It was almost five…they had a hot pink…and man pink is a siren singer for this sorority girl.


Neutrals are my jam…through and through. They are just easier to deal with…I’m [still] over tedious dressing…I hate trial and error because:

  • it is frustrating
  • it makes a huge mess
  • isn’t efficient
  • isn’t joyful either

I am all about my joy and efficiency. Almost to a fault…ALMOST 😉

Nothing tops being warm…and 10.00 instead of 45.00…#grabEveryNeutral 🙂

I’ve a snood…but I think I’ll reserve it for just being out…not in and out…because that means messy hair pulling it off and on 😐 wish I’d considered that when I bought it…ugh.

Things I [NOW] Know About Myself – Take 1:

  • versatility is a must
  • joyful ease of dressing is a must
  • non-shabby options are a must
  • I’m a wee bit extra
  • variety is my jam
  • I need to try things and return ASAP lest I end up keeping things I won’t wear
  • the fun is in the accessories more than the clothes for me…